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Ibanez TS 808

Tube Screamer Overdrive Pedal

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Ibanez is one of the most profound names in the guitar world, based and founded in Japan. They have gained a strong footing with sales all around the world, ever since 1958. To this day, they have maintained an iconic status everywhere, and their products are being used by some of the best of the best rock stars in existence. If you haven’t heard of Ibanez before, we’ve just saved you some embarrassment in front of your guitar buddies. Now we are going to introduce the classic Ibanez TS808 Tube Screamer Overdrive Pedal, a reissue of the original TS808 release.

The pedal itself, on the physical side, is very sturdy and durable, equipped with a LED indicator that shows the condition of your battery and effect. . The visual side of this pedal should be very familiar to those aware of its original release. With its miniscule size and weight, it is as compact as ever, easy to carry around and set up as it has remained almost identical.


This pedal features a large square foot-switch, and uses the same JRC4558D IC chip as before. The featured knobs on this classic “stomp-box” indicate controls for Overdrive dial, Tone and Level, so you can modify your sound to your liking.

This classic overdrive pedal is everything that made its original release fantastic, and more. Regularly remarked as the “Holy Grail” of overdrive pedals, it should be an integral part of every guitarists’ arsenal. This pedal produces amazing, breathtaking sounds, justifying its tradition and quality. If you’d like the push the boundaries of this brilliant “stomp-box” to its maximum potential, you can attach it to an amp’s distortion setting, for producing that slick valve tune. This tube screamer beast has helped the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughn produce his original sound, which has impressed cheering crowds and avid music lovers.

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