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Mapex Mars MA 628 Smoke Wood

clear tone with a quick rebound

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Mapex Mars Series drums offer 100% Birch shells complete with the new SONIClear bearing edge. The shallow depth shells couples with the SONIClear bearing edge produce a fast adn clear tone with a quick stick rebound. A wide variety of player inspired shell pack set ups are available with the new Mars Series line of hardware in Chrome or Black Plated given unheard flexibility and Creativity.
  • 22x18" Bass Drum no Mount
  • 12x8" Rack Tom
  • 14x12" Floor Tom
  • 16x14" Floor Tom
  • 14x6.5" Snare Drum
  • SoniClear Bearing Edge
  • SoniClear Tom Suspension
  • Saturn Style Lug
  • Low Mass Bass Drum Claw
  • Matching 6.5 Birch Snare
  • New Vertical Wood Grain Coverings

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