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Meinl AC-Fat Matt Garstka Fat Stack

Fast and Full Accents

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Matt Garstka from Animals As Leaders needed a stack that was immediate but musical; fast but full bodied. So Meinl went to work to develop the Matt Garstka Artist Concept 18" Fat Stack. Its dual cymbal surfaces — one raw, one traditionally lathed — play off each other splendidly for a sharp attack and dry decay without coming across trash can-ny. Place under high tension for a crunchy bite, or loosen slightly to engage more of the body and wash. Matt's Meinl Fat Stack works well for timekeeping, accenting, and of course, death metal breakdowns.


Meinl Cymbals 18" Matt Garstka Fat Stack

  • 18" cymbal stack
  • Developed for Matt Garstka of Animals As Leaders
  • Great for accents, timekeeping, and metal breakdowns
  • Blends raw and lathed surfaces
  • Perforated top cymbal dries out decay
  • Delivers a quick blow with a full body
  • Increase tension for a faster attack; loosen for a bigger wash


Tech Specs

  • Type:Stacked cymbal
  • Size:18"/16"
  • Finish:Raw/Traditional
  • Material:B20
  • Sound:Cutting, Trashy, Dry
  • Manufacturer Part Number:AC-FAT

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