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Tayor 214 CE DLX SB

Eager to Please

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While Taylor makes exquisite and extraordinary high-end flattops, they have a well-deserved reputation as a safe bet for the everyman guitarist. The company’s manufacturing practices—especially in the affordable and mid-priced ranges—emphasize consistency as much as productivity. Bob Taylor has always placed a premium on a well-rounded playability and agreeable tonality that work across many playing styles. It would be hard to find a guitar that better embodies these facets of Taylor’s design philosophy than the stage-ready, solid-spruce and layered-rosewood 214ce SB DLX.


Eager to Please
At a glance, the Mexican-made 214ce SB DLX seems designed for players seeking a little flash in their lives. The rosewood-veneer back and sides boast spectacular (and expensive-looking) grain pattern. The pearloid rosette and deep amber-and-wine hues of the tobacco sunburst add additional splashes of fancy. The look isn’t overstated or garish, but it has a stage presence that will appeal to those unburdened by puritanical flattop design notions.

Like most Taylors we see, the 214ce SB DLX is pretty much flawlessly assembled. There’s not a trace of poorly sanded bracing, no telltale marks of errant glue application. The seams at the neck joint and around the binding are perfect.

Bright Kid In The Class
I’m accustomed to (and happiest with) the mellow, toasty sounds of all-mahogany and mahogany-backed acoustics. So it’s easy to be struck by how bright and willing the 214cs SB DLX feels in comparison to those flattop types. It’s super-defined in the upper midrange. Fingerpicked notes and flatpicked arpeggios have popping immediacy well suited to the transparent-sounding electronics.



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