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VFE Pedals White Horse Optical Compressor

VFE Pedals White Horse Optical Compressor

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VFE Pedals White Horse Optical Compressor

For all you compressor fans out there, VFE has got a deal for you: What if I told you there was an MXR-sized optical compressor out there with six controls, including a clean blend? What if I told you it included ultra-premium components, soft-touch true bypass switching and a built-in overdrive?

Well, my friend, such a thing exists, and it’s called the VFE White Horse—six, count ‘em, six controls for your compressing pleasure.

First off, what’s the White Horse like? Well, it’s an ultra-smooth compressor that can be as transparent or as non-transparant as you’d like. The Drive knob takes care of that; roll it all the way back to add a velvety sheen to your tone, crank it up for a gnarly, saggy tube-like grit.

Level, Sustain and Blend are pretty straightforward, so let’s move to the three smaller controls. We already covered Drive, so let’s move to Bass and Speed. Speed is essentially an attack control; it controls the speed at which the compressor reacts to your playing. Bass is actually a bass cut, and turning it all the way up is a flat response. There’s also an internal Pre-Gain control that helps you fine-tune the pedal to your pickups (active vs. passive, for example).


VFE Pedals White Horse Optical Compressor Features:

  • TrueSoft Bypass Footswitch - True bypass relay with effect-side FET switch
  • Low Noise Op Amp - A modern, high-speed op amp was chosen for its low-noise and high-fidelity properties.
  • Extended Headroom - A simple voltage inverter circuit was used to effectively turn 9V into 18V. No need for special power supplies.
  • DualMode Switching - DualMode Switching can convert the footswitch into momentary operation. To use, wait 5 seconds, then press the sequence tap+tap+hold until LED flashes
  • USA Made PCBs - Our circuit boards are made in the USA by Advanced Circuits (large PCB runs) or OSH Park (small PCB runs). 
  • PRP Audio Resistors - VFE used low noise, low inductance resistors made for audio circuits by Precision Resistive Products in the USA.


Tech Specs

  • Enclosure dimensions: 2.37"W x 4.37"L x 1.16"H  (60 x 111 x 29mm)
  • With knobs & jacks: 2.6"W x 4.4"L x 2.1"H  (66 x 111 x 53mm)
  • Standard 2.1mm, negative-tip 9V to 15V power supply or 9V battery.
  • 1.8M-ohm
  • ~30ma continous
  • +30ma surge for 4ms during on/off switching

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