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Boss VT-1

The VT-1 will perform such effects as de-tuning, +/- 1 octave pitch shifting, formant shifting and it has built-in digital reverb. There are four prominent sliders for the aforementioned effects

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An Exciting New Kind of Voice Processing!

The VT-1 Voice Controller represents a pinnacle in voice manipulation. The state-of-the-art VT-1 isn't just some hyped up pitch shifter to make you sound like the Chipmunks. It offers separate controls for pitch and formant, so you only have to sound like the Chipmunks if you want to. And you probably won't want to, considering all the other options you'll have. The VT-1 is even capable of a full +1 octave shift (you can sing a romantic duet with yourself - words of love coming from someone who means them), a "robot" feature for a vocoder-like effect, and many other options. A great tool for DJs, Karaoke MCs, and home video producers.

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